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Want to be a Politician

A politician is someone holding or seeking office within a government.  A politician can be elected or appointed to the position.

There are several steps to becoming a successful politician

1) Get a degree – Go to school. … Continue reading

How to be a DJ

How to be a DJ

Being a DJ has become more accessible than ever.  With technology, a laptop  can take the place of records, CDs, and heavy turntables.  Having a DJ business can be very lucrative, especially… Continue reading

Want to be a boxer

So you want to be a boxer!

Boxing is an intense career and the road to success is not easy.  The drop out rate for potential boxers is high.  Most potential boxers do not make past the first… Continue reading

How to be a producer

Want to be a Producer, first you need to know what a music producer does.

A music producer helps in the creative direction of  music. They can write lyrics, create beats, create remixes, or  just give their stamp… Continue reading

Want to Be a Model

The career of a modeling is very competitive.  Millions grow up saying I want to be a model, but few make it big.  If you want to be a model, you should first research and decide if… Continue reading