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I want to be a Teacher, Where Do I Start?

So you want to be a teacher!

A career in education can be very rewarding.  Those who want to be teachers have the opportunity to touch the lives of thousands of individuals.  There are several things you need to do in order of making your dreams of being a teacher a success.

  1. Do you really want to be a teacher? 
    –  Most teachers teach because they like what they do.  They do not do it for the money because the salary range of a teacher is low.  Being a teacher can consist of long hours and late nights.  It is not all fun and games.  The opportunity to become a positive influence in a childs life is the reason most become teachers.
  2. What kind of teacher do you want to be? What do you want to teach.  You need to decide what you are good at and what you are interested in.  Children have different needs at different ages.  Do you have what it takes to deal with a kindergarten who may have trouble focusing or will you work better with the teenager who may occasionally have something rude to say.  After you decide what age range you want to work with, you need to decide what subject you want to teach.  Do you want to teach math, science, english, french, or music?
  3. What credentials do you need to be a teacher? Different states have different criteria to determine what skills you need to become a teacher.  In general,  if you want to be a teacher, you will need a college degree and a certification from the state that you decide to work in.  In addition, to become certified, most teaching jobs require you to have a varying number of in class teaching hours logged before you can become a teacher.

If a teacher is what you truly want to be, take time to learn more about what area of teaching you would like and get a mentor to help you along the way.  If becoming a teacher is your dream, then go for it.  YOU CAN BE WHATEVER YOU WANT TO BE!!!

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