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How to be a DJ

How to be a DJ

Being a DJ has become more accessible than ever.  With technology, a laptop  can take the place of records, CDs, and heavy turntables.  Having a DJ business can be very lucrative, especially since the technology can allow you to more DJ jobs without having to lug heavy expensive equipment.  A DJ business can be a great way to make money if you how to make connections.

How to be a DJ –   What equipment do I need?

Research what equipment you need. Equipment can vary widely. Go to a store that sells equipment.  Form a network of DJ’s, and see what equipment will be good for you.

To be a DJ, you need music, speakers and something to play the music on.

In the past a DJ needed a lot of heavy equipment to get a job done.  this equipment included the following:
1. Turntables or CD players
2. Mixer
3. Records or CD’s
4. Tons of cables
5. Amps
6. Speakers
7. More equipment to lose damage or get stolen

DJs no longer need so much equipment.  New technology allows DJs to get by with the following DJ equipment:
1. Laptop
2. DJ software
3. Powered Speakers
4. Not as many cables
5. Digital music selection

How to be a DJ –  Practice

Software can make becoming a DJ easier.  However, DJ software will not take the place of having the skills to perform. It may sound like a simple job, but the DJ job is not just about playing music.  A great DJ studies and learns what music is popular.  A good DJ pays attention to his audience and keeps them entertained.

How to be DJ –  Build a music catalog

A good DJ has a wide variety of  music.  Whether the DJ is performing at a club for 2c year old college students or if at a 10 year old girls birthday party, A DJ should be able to find music to suit the audience.  Yes, parents hire DJs for their 10 year children.

How to be a good DJ – Get to know your clients

A good DJ will take time to get to know their clients.  They will ask if their clients have any questions.  For example, a DJ at a wedding has to be make sure that they play the right songs at the right times.  Most of the time a client will have a list of songs that they want played.  A good DJ will make sure that they give their clients what they want.  A good DJ takes time to make their clients are happy.

How to be a DJ – Network.

The most important part of being a DJ is networking.  A DJ needs to be able to get gigs / work.  This is very important for any business. with a network of DJs you can learn new skills, get ideas, and most importantly, get new jobs.

Why do you want to be a DJ?

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