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Want to be a Politician

A politician is someone holding or seeking office within a government.  A politician can be elected or appointed to the position.

There are several steps to becoming a successful politician

1) Get a degree – Go to school.  Learn about government.  Major in political science.

2) Get involved – Volunteer and get involved in your communitee.  Volunteering makes candidates seem trustworthy and gets your name out in the public

3) Choose a side – Pick which political party you want to align yourself with.  You need their support.  Be sure to choose a major party like democrat or republican.  No name parties will not get you very far.

4) Network – Get to know others in politics.  Work on someone else’s campaign so that you can learn the ins and outs of politics.

5) Have a career – You will need something to make a little money first.  Some politicians are businessmen, some are lawyers.  Others have normal everyday jobs like office managers or grocery store workers.

6) Believe in something – For people to follow you, they need to believe in something that you are doing.  Find a topic of interest that you believe in and try to make a difference.

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