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Want to be a boxer

So you want to be a boxer!

Boxing is an intense career and the road to success is not easy.  The drop out rate for potential boxers is high.  Most potential boxers do not make past the first month of training.  If you are truly serious about wanting to be a boxer, you will find a few tips below to help you along the way.

  1. Want to be a boxer  – Get fit
    -A successful boxing career is dependent on the boxers body.  Boxers stick to strict meal plans and training to build strength and endurance.   Most professional boxers start the day running several miles.
  2. Want to be a boxer – Find a boxing club – You need to join a boxing club or boxing gym.  Here you will learn the fundamentals of boxing and find mentors.  You will need intense training.
  3. Want to be a boxer – Get registered as a boxer – The rules for boxing vary in different areas so you need to research what the rules are in your particular area.
  4. Want to be a boxer – Start boxingBook amateur fights.   After winning a few fights, you will build your reputation and will be will on your way to becoming a professional boxer.

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